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Funded Projects

Name of the ProjectName of the Principal Investigator
Performance study on hand off problems in cell zooming scenarioDr.J.Raja
Ration machineDr.N.VijayaSingh
Gesture based messenger for people with disabilitiesProf.A.R.Rajini
Automation and billing of smart trolleyDr.S.Sumathi
Real time security alert using pattern matching algorithmsMs.S.Kohila
Implementation of neonatal temperature monitoring deviceDr.S.Sumathi
Detection of crackles in human lungs based on spectrogram analysisDr.E.Priya
Vehicular Image Processing-An approach to predict bus arrival by scan and control techniquesMr.J.Prakash
ANDROID App DevelopmentMr.R.Anandh
A Smart Floor For Movement Monitoring And Fall DetectionMs.K.Sumathi
Road sign recognition system using Raspberry PIMs.S.Brindha
Demand draft and ATM process machine using biometric sensorsMs.C.A.Nirrmala
Autonomous localization of books in libraryMs.K.Lakshmi Joshitha
Real time bus monitoring system through webpage using google mapsMs.J.Thamil Selvi
Implementation of a two way communicator between a vocally challenged people and normal person using image processing methodologyMr.U.Jayachandran
Car parking security systemMs.S.Kohila
Screening of foot ulcer in diabetics using MYRIOMs.G.Shantha Kumari
Driverless car parking management systemMs.S.Usha
Laser Therapy systemDr.S.Sumathi
Identifying the design issues in 5GDr.J.Raja
Face recognition attendance system using image processingV.Remya
Semi-Autonomous Rail Rift RevealerMs.K.Lakshmi Joshitha
Automatic borewell water filteration systemK.Subhashini
Design and implementation of voice control prosthetic handDr.E.Priya
Multiple Gas Detection System Embedded with Medical Assistance at Instance Using Isense TechnologyMr.A.Kumaran