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Head of the Department

Name : Dr. J. RajaQualification : M.E.,Ph.D.,Department : ECE View Profile

The well-qualified teaching faculty work as a team to inculcate the professional responsibilities in students. Our well experienced and dynamic professors impart consistent knowledge and skills in students. The sincere effort of our faculty to motivate the students has produced remarkable achievements in Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities. The dedication of our Faculty and the keen interest exhibited by our students has produced a commendable academic record with university ranks every year. In order to inculcate R & D acumen among the students, the department faculty encourages the students to implement innovative ideas in their project works.

List of Faculty

Sl. No.Name of the StaffDesignationQualification Joining DateNature of AssociationMail id
1Dr. J. RajaProfessor & Head and Dean
2Ms. A. R.
3Dr. S.
4Dr. J.
5Dr. E.
6Dr. S.
7Dr. K.
8Dr. K. Lakshmi
9Dr. M.
10Dr. J.
11Dr. J.
12Dr. M.
13Ms. G. SudhaAssociate
14Dr. B. PanjavarnamAssociate
15Ms. S. UshaAssociate
16Ms. N. ShivaanivarshaAssociate
17Dr. P. PrakashAssociate
18Dr. V. SasikalaAssociate
19Ms. G. ShanthakumariAssociate
20Ms. V. A. VelvizhiAssociate
21Mr. C. Alwin VinifredAssociate
22Ms. C. N. SavithriAssociate
23Ms. N. Nazeeya AnjumAssistant
24Ms. K. SubhashiniAssistant
25Ms. R. ChitraAssistant ProfessorM.E03.
26Mr. K. SrinivasanAssistant
27Ms. N. LogeswariAssistant
28Ms. S. RajalakshmiAssistant
29Mr. K. DevibalanAssistant
30Ms. S. GayathriAssistant
31Ms. V. RemyaAssistant
32Mr. T. SivasakthiAssistant
33Ms. S. SaranyaAssistant
34Ms. S. SuryaAssistant
35Ms. B. RajalakshmiAssistant
36Ms. M. Shabana ParveenAssistant
37Ms. G. LakshmiAssistant
38Mr. S. Vinoth KumarAssistant
39Ms. J. SandhyaAssistant
40Ms. A. RashmiAssistant
41Ms. V. MyvizhiSelviAssistant
42Dr. K. MoorthiAssistant
43Dr. M. JenathAssistant
44Mr. G. Tony SanthoshAssistant
45Dr. N. AnithaAssistant
46Dr. D. Anita DanielAssistant
47Ms. S. BhuvaneswariAssistant ProfessorM.E22.05.2023Regular
48Ms. P. PoornimaAssistant
49Ms. M. UmaAssistant
50Ms. R. TamezhenealAssistant
51Ms. K. KayalvizhiAssistant

List of Supporting staff

Sl. No.Name of the StaffDesignationQualification 
1Mr. T.H. SivaprasadSystem ProgrammerB.E.
2Ms. R. MeenakshiLab TechnicianDECE
3Mr. D. NandakumarLab TechnicianDECE
4Mr. R. TamilselvamLab TechnicianDECE
5Mr. N.GopiLab TechnicianDECE
6Mr. S. RamnathLab TechnicianDECE
7Mr. P. NithyanandanLab TechnicianDECE
8Mr. U. AnbunathanLab TechnicianDEEE
9Ms. A. SubhashiniLab TechnicianB.Sc.
10Mr. B. ShanmugamOffice Assistant
11Mr. S. Santha kumarOffice Assistant