Department of

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)



Head of the Department

Name : Professor.Ms.A.R.RajiniQualification : M.S., (doing Ph.D.,)Department : ECE View Profile

List of Faculty

S. No
Name of the Faculty
Highest Academic  Degree
1.       Ms.A.R.RajiniProfessor & HODM.S., (Ph.D)
2.       Dr. J. RajaProfessorM.E.,Ph.D.,
3.       Dr. K.SwaminathanProfessorM.S.,M.E.,Ph.D.,
4.       Mr. V.S.SundaramurthyProfessorB.E.,
5.       Ms. S.KohilaAssociate ProfessorM.E., (Ph.D)
6.       Dr. S.SumathiAssociate ProfessorM.E., Ph.D.,
7.       Ms.S.BrindhaAssociate ProfessorM.E., (Ph.D)
8.       Ms.G.ThilagavathiAssociate ProfessorM.E.,
9.       Ms.G.SudhaAssociate ProfessorM.E., (Ph.D)
10.   Ms.J.ThamilselviAssociate ProfessorM.E., (Ph.D)
11.   Dr.K.Sumathi
Associate ProfessorM.E., (Ph.D)
12.   Ms.B.PanjavarnamAssociate ProfessorM.E.,MBA., (Ph.D)
13.   Ms K Lakshmi JoshithaAssociate ProfessorM.E., (Ph.D)
14.   Ms S UshaAssociate ProfessorM.E.,
15.   Ms N.Shivaani VarshaAssociate ProfessorM.E.,
16.   Mr. P.PrakashAssistant ProfM.E., (Ph.D)
17.   Ms M KanthimathiAssistant ProfM.Tech., (Ph.D)
18.   Ms M MethiniAssistant ProfM.E.,
19.   Mr.A.KumaranAssistant ProfM.E., (Ph.D)
20.   Ms.G.Shantha KumariAssistant ProfM.E.,
21.   Ms Nazeeya AnjumAssistant ProfM.E.,
22.   Dr. E. PriyaAssistant ProfM.E., Ph.D.,
23.   Ms K SubhashiniAssistant ProfM.E.,
24.   Mr. J ManikandanAssistant ProfM.E., (Ph.D)
25.   Ms. V A VelvizhiAssistant ProfM.E.,
26.   Ms.K.JeyapiriyaAssistant ProfM.E.,
27.   Mr.B.AppoonAssistant ProfM.E., (Ph.D)
28.   Ms. C.N. SavithriAssistant ProfM.E., (Ph.D)
29.   Mr.C,Alwin VinifredAssistant ProfM.E., (Ph.D)
30.   Mr. D SenthilkumarAssistant ProfM.E.,
31.   Ms.R.ChitraAssistant ProfM.E.,
32.   Ms.C.A. NirmalaAssistant ProfM.E.,
33.   Mr. K. SrinivasanAssistant ProfM.E.,
34.   Ms.N.LogeshwariAssistant ProfM.E.,
35.   Ms.S.RajalakshmiAssistant ProfM.E.,
36.   Mr. Devibalan.KAssistant ProfM.E.,
37.   Ms.S.GayathriAssistant ProfM.E.,
38.   Ms. V.RemyaAssistant ProfM.E.,
39.   Mr. A.HenridassAssistant ProfM.E., (Ph.D)
40.   Mr.J. PrakashAssistant ProfM.E.,
41.   Mr. S. JeyakumarAssistant ProfM.Tech., (Ph.D)
42.   Ms.S.Josephin Ida LitriziaAssistant ProfM.E.,
43.   Mr.R.AnandhAssistant ProfM.E.,
44Dr J.Britto PariAssistant ProfM.Tech., Ph.D.,
45.   Mr. T. SivasakthiAssistant ProfM.E.,
46.   Ms. V. SasikalaAssistant ProfM.E.,(Ph.D)
47.   Ms. S. SaranyaAssistant ProfM.E.,
48.   Ms. S. SuryaAssistant ProfM.E.,
49.   Dr. T. IlavarasanAssistant ProfM.E., Ph.D.,
50.   Ms. B. Raja LakshmiAssistant ProfM.E.,
51.   Mr. U. Jaya ChandiranAssistant ProfM.E.,
52.   Mr. S PrabakaranAssistant ProfM.E.,
53.   Ms M Sabhana PraveenAssistant ProfM.E.,(Ph.D)
54.   Ms J JuliaAssistant ProfM.E.,

List of Supporting staff

Name Of The Staff
Highest Academic Degree
1.       Mr.T.H. SivaprasadSystem ProgrammerB.E.,(M.E)
2.       Ms.S. Valenteena JaffletSystem ProgrammerM.C.A.,
3.       Mr.H. ArunSystem ProgrammerB.E.,
4.       Ms.R. MeenakshiLab TechnicianDECE.,
5.       Mr.D. NandakumarLab TechnicianDECE.,
6.       Mr.R. TamilselvamLab TechnicianDECE.,
7.       Mr.N.GopiLab TechnicianDECE.,
9.       Ms.A.TamilarasiLab TechnicianDECE.,
10.   Mr. VairamaniLab TechnicianDECE.,(B.E)

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