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Staff Coordinators – Lakshmi G , Chitra R , Gayathri S

Student Coordinators – Kirthikka S, Prathic RG, Revanya Devi M

A Technical event to test yourself how good you are at technical perspectives

140 participants registered for this event from various colleges

It was an individual event.

There were a total of 3 rounds. Codetrix (programming), Circuit mix and Electrobuzz (quiz round).

We organized this event to know how capable you are in programming languages and core subjects.


  1. Round – 1 – Code Trix –  78 participants joined the event. The round was conducted in kahoot and there were around 30 questions based on matlab, c and arduino programming languages.

2. Round 2 – ElectroBuzz – Out of 78 participants, 35 were selected for the  next round based on the marks they secured in the first round. Only 32 had joined for round 2. The round was conducted in Kahoot and there were 27 questions and those questions were based on core subjects ( ECE Domain )


    1. Round 3 – Circuit mix – Out of 32 participants , 17 of them were selected for round

This round was based on circuit identification. There were 26 questions which were based on identifying the circuit and few of them were finding the value.

The questions were shared on the screen and google form was created and the link was sent to the participants to answer those questions.

Winners of Crack The Track :

  1. Swetha Sathish
  2. Sowmiya M
  3. Velakshay K
  • Technical fest is the platform for young brains to showcase their innovative ideas and compete with their peers.
    The Department of Electronics and Communication, Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai has conducted ZENISTA Techfest 2021 on 22.10.2021 to manifest the talents of budding Engineers.
  • Zenista TechFest 2021 has organized three technical and one non-technical events. “Share Your Vision” is a stage to present the participant’s ideas. “Crack The Track” is a technical quiz to test the knowledge of the students. “Project Paradise” is a platform to show your innovative projects. “Zenista’s Zeal” is a forum to expose creative ideas in chords, strokes and lenses. (Music, Arts and Photography).
  • The event was organized online on 22.10.2021 through zoom meet. Dr. J Raja, Dean/ H0D-ECE welcomed the gathering. Dr. A Rajendra Prasad presented the presidential address. Mr. Lava Kumar, Founder & CPO of Entropiktech was the chief guest of the inaugural function and gave a special address to students. Ms. Jeyapriya K, Coordinator, Zenista TechFest 2021, Department of ECE, Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai, gave the report of Zenista TechFest 2021. 370 participants have registered for the event. The student Coordinator Parvathareddy Sahithya delivered a vote of thanks during the Inaugural function.

Valedictory Meet
  • Department of ECE organized a Technical symposium “ZENISTA 2K” on 06.10.2020 judges were Mr S.Prasad, Director, Beebox studios, IIT Research Park,Taramani, Chennai & Mr A Parthiban, Team Lead, Lema Labs, IIT Research park,Taramani, Chennai.

Zenista 19

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organises Tech Fest ZENISTA 2K19 on 29th August 2019

Zenista 18

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering proudly presents National Level Technical Symposium Zenista2k18

Zenista 17

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organised ZENISTA 2K17 on 9th August 2017

Zenista 16

Zenista 15

Zenista 14

Zenista 13

Zenista 12

Symposium Organized
YearTitle of the symposiaResource person/ Guest highlights
 2007-2008UTKRISHTA 2007Inauguration - Shri.P.Swaminathan, IGCARValedictory - Shri.P.Mohanadoss,Retired Chief Engineer,AIR & D.D, Chennai
2008- 2009ZREYASTVA ‘ 08Inauguration  - Dr. P. Kalyana Sundaram, Associate Director, Fast Reactor Technology Group, IGCAR, KalpakkamValedictory - Shri. Ajay Kumar Singh, Project Manager, TCS.
2009- 2010ZENISTA‘ 09Inauguration Brigadier Dr.V.D. Abraham Valedictory –Mr.Ravi Kumar
2010-2011COLOQUIO’11Inauguration –Shri. C.Vinod, GM, BSNL Valedictory – Shri.Babu, IGCAR
Mini Project Contest
YearTitle of the Mini Project
2008- 2009GIZMOTRIX’09
2009- 2010ZIKSANA’10
Best Projects
Name of the studentsProject titleInternal guideRecognization
S. Gorky B. Vignesh S. SribalajiField operation of a surgical robot via airborne wireless radio linkMr. A. KumaranFirst
V. Agalya D. Arthi D. SuryaAutomatic exudate detection from nondialated diabetic retinopathy using FCM clusteringMs. S. UshaSecond
N. Arthy Jegatha R. Gayathri S. MahalakshmiDirection guidence for blind using GPSMr. K. SwaminathanThird
Judges for The Project Exhibition 2009 – 2010
1.Mr. A. Sukumaran,
Divisional Engineer(Retd.,),
BSNL, Chennai.
2.Mr. S. Saminathan,
Managing Director,
Samsan Enterprises,
Name of the studentsProject titleInternal guideAward/recognization
Vamshidhar D K Vishnu KAdhoc mesh networking using 802.11 (wifi)Mr. V. S. SundaramurthySri Sairam Engg college I-Prize
Narendran S Prabhu S Ananth R A Lakshmi ragavan VReal time passenger information systemMs. J. ThamizhselviSri Sairam Engg college II-Prize
Anand V baraskar Aravindan S Balaji ram kumar S Ganesh BWarfield communication jammer robotMr. V. S. SundaramurthySri Sairam Engg college III-Prize
Lavanya R Sujatha K Vijayalakshmi NGSM based automatic cell phone theft detectionMs. E. PriyaSri Sairam Engg college I-prize
Senthil ramasamy R Hari prasath U Vishnuvardhan R Murali modepalliEmbedded web serverMs. G. ThilagavathySri Sairam Engg college II-prize
Shobana V Sridevi S Sruthi krishnanPIR based remote integrated security systemMs. S. KohilaSri Sairam Engg college III-prize
Mansimar singh aneja Eshwaran vijayakumarUse of multi agent system to control cypenus rotundas-an emotion based approachMs .E.PriyaSri Sairam Engg college I-prize
Aganya. S Dhivya P Ramya PMatching protein structures using fuzzy alignmentMs K.SumathiSri Sairam Engg college II-prize
Divya subramony Jaisree G Vasanthi MIntegrated ATM security systemMs K.Muthu meenakshiSri Sairam Engg college III-prize
Suresh kumar P Subramanian K S Shiva kumar B Arvind RA low cost real time embedded system based gesture recognition systemMr V S SundaramurthySri Sairam Engg college I-prize
Karthik R Murugappan A Srihari B Balaji T3Dx2 halographyMs .S.BrindhaSri Sairam Engg college II-prize
Deepika R Lakshmi U Vishnupriya GSecure sharing using stegnographyMs S.SumathiSri Sairam Engg college III-prize
Gopinath R Selvarajan P Vikram SStair Ferobot -Staircase Climbing Wheelchair With Home AutomationMs.F.VincySri Sairam Engg college I-Prize
Muralidharan N Sakthivel K Vijay Shankar SPWM Based Electromagnetic Propulsion SystemMs.J.Thamil SelviSri Sairam Engg college II-Prize
Swathi S Uthra Narasimhan Vidhyalakshmi KIntegrated Module To Measure Hardness Of Foot Using Embedded SystemsMs.V.ThulasibaiSri Sairam Engg college III-Prize
2009 - 2010
S. Gorky
S. Sribalaji
B. Vignesh
Field operation of a surgical robot via airborne wireless radio linkMr. A. KumaranFirst
V. Agalya
D. Surya
D. Arthi
Automatic exudate detection from nondialated diabetic retinopathy using FCM clusteringMs. S. UshaSecond
N. Arthy Jegatha
S. Mahalakshmi
R. Gayathri
Direction guidence for blind using GPSMr. K. SwaminathanThird
Judges for The Project Exhibition 2009 – 2010
1Mr. A. Sukumaran,
Divisional Engineer(Retd.,),
BSNL, Chennai
2Mr. S. Saminathan,
Managing Director,
Samsan Enterprises,
R & D Initiatives Funded Projects – Students
Name of the studentsProject titleYearInternal guideFunding agency
E Lava Kumar A Raja P RaajanVersatile Sniffer Robot2003-2004Ms E PriyaTNSCST
R Bala Murugan S J Karthikeyan J Saravana kannan B S SureshText Analyzing for Visually Impaired using Voice Recognition and Text to Voice conversion2004-2005Ms V Thulasi BaiTNSCST
Abhiram Chakraborty Swaminathan S Varun Kalyan AVoice controlled electrical wheelchair with obstacle detection2005-2006Ms G SudhaTNSCST
Devi S LeelavathyBlue ECG2006 -2007Ms V Thulasi BaiTNSCST
B Karthik
G Ravindran
U Sathish
Wind and Solar Operated Two Wheeler Drive2009-2010Ms M MethiniTNSCST
Department Initiatives
Association of ECE

The association is the pioneer in encouraging the students to organize and participate in the national level symposium. AECE- Association of Electronics and Communication Engineers in association with IETE and IEEE organizes national level technical symposium every year. This symposium attracts the student community from all over India. The students exhibit their talents in various mind provoking events. In addition to this the association organized International Conference in the year 2004 and proposed to organize another International Conference in 2009. Other activities of the association are Seminars / Guest Lecturers on advanced topics, arranging Industrial Visits / Inplant Training.


IEEE – Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is the world’s largest technical society which provides the latest information and the best technical resources to members worldwide. It is a magnet bringing all Electrical and Electronics Engineers together. IEEE releases a number of journals and magazines and majority are available in our central library. Online access of the publications is also available in our institution. The III and IV year students are members of IEEE.


IETE- Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, is a leading professional society intended for the advancement of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. It promotes and conducts basic engineering and continuing education programs for Human Resource Development. All students of ECE are members of IETE Students Forum -ISF.