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Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)


Funded Projects

Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs
Name of the Principal Investigator
Department of Principal Investigator
Year of Award
Funds provided
Duration of the project
Gesture based messenger for people with disabilitiesProf.A.R.RajiniECE201640,0002016-17
Ration machineDr.N.VijayaSinghECE201635,0002016-17
Performance study on hand off problems in cell zooming scenarioDr.J.RajaECE201632,0002016-17
Automation and billing of smart trolleyDr.S.SumathiECE201628,0002016-17
Real time security alert using pattern matching algorithmsMs.S.KohilaECE201620,0002016-17
Implementation of neonatal temperature monitoring deviceDr.S.SumathiECE201635,0002016-17
Detection of crackles in human lungs based on spectrogram analysisDr.E.PriyaECE201617,0002016-17
Vehicular Image Processing-An approach to predict bus arrival by scan and control techniquesMr.J.PrakashECE201640,0002016-17
ANDROID App DevelopmentMr.R.AnandhECE201635,0002016-17
A Smart Floor For Movement Monitoring And Fall DetectionMs.K.SumathiECE201635,0002016-17
Road sign recognition system using Raspberry PIMs.S.BrindhaECE201618,0002016-17
Demand draft and ATM process machine using biometric sensorsMs.C.A.NirrmalaECE201620,0002016-17
Autonomous localization of books in libraryMs.K.Lakshmi JoshithaECE201617,0002016-17
Real time bus monitoring system through webpage using google mapsMs.J.Thamil SelviECE201635,0002016-17
Implementation of a two way communicator between a vocally challenged people and normal person using image processing methodologyMr.U.JayachandranECE201630,0002016-17
Car parking security systemMs.S.KohilaECE201628,0002016-17
Screening of foot ulcer in diabetics using MYRIOMs.G.Shantha KumariECE201622,0002016-17
Driverless car parking management systemMs.S.UshaECE201630,0002016-17
Laser Therapy systemDr.S.SumathiECE201642,0002016-17
Identifying the design issues in 5GDr.J.RajaECE201640,0002016-17
Face recognition attendance system using image processingV.RemyaECE2015100002015-16
Semi-Autonomous Rail Rift RevealerMs.K.Lakshmi JoshithaECE201540,0002015-16
Automatic borewell water filteration systemK.SubhashiniECE2015100002015-16
Design and implementation of voice control prosthetic handDr.E.PriyaECE2015100002015-16
Multiple Gas Detection System Embedded with Medical Assistance at Instance Using Isense TechnologyMr.A.KumaranECE201240,0002012-13

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